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Nail Services

Pamper yourself with our wide range signature and luxurious nail services. Great nails don’t happen by chance, they happen by appointment. Book your appointment


Featured Product:

Dipping Powder: Dip powder is the newest nail technique, an organic process, that as the happy medium between gel and acrylic. Dip powder can stay on natural nails for up to three weeks.

Nail Enhancement

$50 Dipping Powder New Set

$55 Dipping Powder Renew

$60 Extension Dipping Powder

$65 Extension Dipping Powder Renew

$65 Ombre Dipping Powder

$70 Ombre Dipping Powder Renew

$70 Ombre Solar Full Set

$75 Extension Ombre Solar

$60 Ombre refill

$50 Solar Full Set with Reg Color

$40 Solar Refill with Reg Color

$65 Shellac Solar Full Set

$55 Shellac Solar Refill

$70 Bio Gel New Set Overlay

$60 Bio Gel Refill

$75 Bio Gel Extension

$80 Extension Full Set on Toes

$85 Ext French Full Set on Toes

Natural Nail Care

$25 Signature Mani

$30 Deluxe Mani

$40 Shellac Mani

$45 Mani w Shellac Renewal

$45 Deluxe Shellac Mani

$50 Deluxe Mani w Shellac Renewal

$40 Signature Pedi

$50 Deluxe Pedi

$55 Shellac Pedi

$60 Pedi w Shellac Renewal

$65 Deluxe Shellac Pedi

$70 Deluxe Pedi w Shellac Renewal

$25 Kid Under 10 Pedi Spa

$20 Kid Under 10 Mani Spa & Design

$40 Kid Under 10 Pedi&Mani Spa


You will be taken care of by one of our highly experienced, skilled, and attentive estheticians. Your experience will be fast, efficient, and painless in the most sanitary ways.

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$17 Eyebrow

$13 Ear

$25 Tint Eyebrow

$37 Wax & Tint Eyebrow

$12 Chin

$12 Upper Lip

$20 Side Burn

$15 Neck

$50 Full Face


$20 Underarm

$50 Full Leg

$35 Half Leg

$40 Full Arm

$30 Half Arm

$20 Stomach

$35 Chest

$40 Back

$20 Shoulder

$10 Fingers/Toes

$15 Anus

$25 Lower Back

$60 Brazilian

$25 Bikini Line

Semi Permanent Makeup

Tired of spending hours and hours making up while your parties are waiting impatiently? We’ve got you cover. Again, our procedures are completely safe, hassle free, and painless. We will help to get the perfect look for you. Pre and after care are included. So, why not? Any concerns, please let us know. Consultations are free of charge.

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Featured Service:

3D Microshading: is perfect for those who want their brows to look thick and filled in, totally customizable, you get to choose how you want to shape it, we will just bring it to perfection


$410 Signature 3D Eyebrow Microblading

$460 Eyebrow Microshading

$240 Top Eyeliner

$190 Bottom Eyeliner

$190 Lip Liner

$410 Lip Full Color

 Refresh                Price by Consultation

Eyelash Extension

Wishing our natural lashes just a tiny bit longer or thicker? Look no further, please pay us a visit and we’ll make you happy, or your money back. Guaranteed. No more mascara mishaps, totally customizable length and thickness. And just like that you look beautiful since waking up.

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$105 Classic Set

$75 Classic Refill

$120 Russian Volume 2D

$130 Russian Volume 3D/4D

$140 Russian Volume 5D/6D

$85 Russian Volume Refill

$75 Customized Cluster

$85 Lash Lift

$95 Lash Lift and Tint

$30 Lash Tint

Additional Services

Just a little extra happiness. Spoiling yourself will never be too much.

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$95 Basic facial

$110 Deep Cleanse

$135 Deep Hydration

$150 Rejuvenating

$200 Customize

Other Services

$15 Paraffin

$5 Nail Repair per Unit

$17 Hand Polish Change

$27 Hand Shellac Change

$32 Hand Shellac Chane Renew

$20 Foot Polish Change

$30 Foot Shellac Change

$35 Foot Shellac Change Renew

$10 Shellac Remove

$15 Nail Cutting

$7 Long Nails

$10 Extra Long Nails

$10 Multiple Colors

$10 Glow in the dark

$15 Chrome

$15 Soak Foot

$15 Cat Eyes

$ 10 Regular French

$15 Deep French

$10 Design Add On for 2

$15 Design Add On for 3 and 4

$20 Design Add on Full Set

$15 Special Design for 2

$20 Special Design for 3 and 4

$30 Special Design Full Set

$30 Massage 15 Minutes

$45 Massage 30 Minutes

$80 Massage 60 Minutes

$20 Deluxe Massage add on

nail technician applying custom acrylic nails

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